On line la mappa della diffusione di violazioni dei diritti civili causa covid

di Redazione | 29 Aprile 2020 @ 20:42 | ATTUALITA'
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Durante questo pandemia ci siamo concentrati sulla mappa del coronavirus della Johns Hopkins University che mostra la diffusione dell’epidemia. Ora la Omega Research Foundation, con sede a Manchester, ha pubblicato un altro tipo di mappa del coronavirus, focalizzandosi sulla diffusione di violazioni dei diritti civili legati al coronavirus. I ricercatori dicono:

In recent months many states have created emergency powers to slow the spread of coronavirus. Law enforcement agencies have frequently been tasked with enforcing lockdowns, quarantine and social distancing measures. During this time a large number of allegations of excessive force in implementing such measures have emerged.

… This map seeks to gather together instances of alleged excessive use of force that have occurred in the context of coronavirus measure or protests arising from coronavirus-related concerns. Due to the sheer number of cases the map does not include all incidents reported; instead it seeks to provide a barometer of the nature and geographic spread of such cases.

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